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Re: My Greivences of Nutrek. What makes me a hater...

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I occasionally watch stuff on Netflix (most recently the Firefly series, which I really enjoyed), but nuTrek isn't available on the Canadian version of Netflix.
It was last month and for many months before that. Perhaps you should check again (since you're already paying for Netflix, it isn't going to cost you anything), if, of course, you feel inclined to do so.

Edit: Oops. I read nuTrek literally--the 09 movie is on Canadian Netflix. The latest one is not there yet. My mistake.
I've just checked. The list of Star Trek that's available reads thusly:

Star Trek The Next Generation (7 seasons)
First Contact
The Motion Picture
The Wrath of Khan
The Undiscovered Country
The Search for Spock

A search for the 2009 movie says it is unavailable. But I was able to see it on the Space Channel some time back.
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