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Other than the scene where Uhura was teasing Spock in "The Man Trap", what else was it that made it "obvious" that there was a Spock/Uhura thing going on? It sounds more like a case of fans reading too much into something to validate the pairing in the 2009 film.
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That's it? Now I'm convinced fans are seeing things that aren't there, unless you have info on the writers actually acknowledging that they meant for a Spock/Uhura in TOS. With that, I would concede.
The writers for TOS have no need whatsoever to make any such acknowledgement in order to validate what was portrayed in the Abrams films. The latter films are simply exploring something that is inspired by the brief moments of flirtation in TOS--because it's a different timeline and so any such deviation from the original is perfectly allowable. No one is obligated to like that artistic choice, but it requires no "approbation" from decades-past writers. That would be an absurdity.
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