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Re: Star Trek: TMP questions and observations

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But Spock never wished to command. He only accepted command of the Enterprise when it became a training vessel, because his ambition was to teach, not to lead.
True. But I think Spock would have found it both valuable and insightful to serve under another captain precisely because he wanted to teach rather than command. It's likely he used more than a few tricks he learned from Pike and Kirk to teach his youngsters. Would he have learned anything from Decker that he could not have learned from Kirk? I don't know. But it's interesting to think about how Decker's style of command would have evolved had the Enterprise been his ship. If he really was the original Riker, the post-TMP Enterprise would have been an interesting place to be.

Christopher wrote:
Absolutely right. A captain who doesn't want his orders questioned is a bad captain. (Well, maybe not his orders, but his decision-making leading up to the issuing of orders.) It's a first officer's job to question the captain, to be a check on the captain's judgment. How many times did we see Kirk argue with Spock over the right course of action and then end up taking Spock's advice anyway?
And Kirk admitted as much to Decker after the latter kept asking about using the screens and shields to ward off an attack by the intruder.

"He clapped his captain—his friend—on the shoulder. Yes, this man was very much like James Kirk, in all the ways that mattered." --Christopher L. Bennett-- Star Trek: Mere Anarachy, The Darkness Drops Again
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