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Re: Star Trek: TMP questions and observations

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There was definitely potential for the crew to work with Decker as either XO or CO if Kirk returned to his desk job after TMP. I don't think it's likely McCoy would have stayed, but Spock may have found it worthwhile to work with Decker before getting his own command.
But Spock never wished to command. He only accepted command of the Enterprise when it became a training vessel, because his ambition was to teach, not to lead.

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Kirk and Decker didn't have that kind of relationship or trust built up, and Kirk wanted to be sure that his orders wouldn't be questioned.
Except that Decker did question them (and rightfully so).
Absolutely right. A captain who doesn't want his orders questioned is a bad captain. (Well, maybe not his orders, but his decision-making leading up to the issuing of orders.) It's a first officer's job to question the captain, to be a check on the captain's judgment. How many times did we see Kirk argue with Spock over the right course of action and then end up taking Spock's advice anyway?

In some ways, it's actually more surprising that there wasn't a problem during TWOK (compared to TMP) after the Enterprise was crippled in part because Kirk was asleep at the wheel. OTOH, given that Kirk was also the only reason why the ship managed to escape destruction, perhaps the cadets realized that they couldn't have done any better in his place.
Well, what problem could there have been? Like you said, they were cadets. They weren't even in the regular chain of command. Everyone who had any actual authority on the ship at that point was a veteran of Kirk's crew, except for Saavik -- and she did, in fact, question Kirk's decisions repeatedly.
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