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Re: Amok Time repercussions?

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Third, maybe nobody thought Stonn was good enough for their daughter!
That brings up another thought. Sarek was socially prominent, but since Spock was only half human, would he have been acceptable to many Vulcan parents as a mate for their daughter? Spock and Amanda may have had to go down pretty far on the marriage list to get T'Pring.
Probably the real reason T'Pring wanted out was that she didn't want to be married to a half human

James Blish novelisation says T'Pring says she wants Stonn because he is a dufus -easy to control
It also says that T'Pau didn't give Kirk the out at challenge. She allowed Spock to decide and Spock said No. If they had actually done it that way I wonder what we would have thought of their friendship 45 years later
Hm, I'm trying to imagine what a Vulcan dufus would be like .. maybe Stonn's IQ was only 180? Or, because of a learning disability, he only speaks five languages, and didn't master particle physics until the ripe old age of 12?
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