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Re: My Greivences of Nutrek. What makes me a hater...

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Is this a serious post? You are flat out deciding to put off watching the movie and are making judgements about it, claiming you're willing to be proven wrong, yet actively refusing to watch it. Yes, "some day' you'll watch it. How about today since, today is the day you're posting opinions about it?
Unless I include smileys indicating I'm joking, or some other indicator of humor or sarcasm, yes, my post is serious.

We have ONE movie theatre in town, and it's not in one of the better-traveled areas. I don't drive, and there's no bus service that's close enough there to allow for a safe walk after dark. I'm not willing to risk being robbed or worse just so I can satisfy this forum's insistence that I should see these movies immediately, instead of waiting for a time when I can see them safely in my own home.

Secondly, I'm not much of a TV-watcher, either. I got out of the habit some years back and never really got back into it. I watch ONE show that's on daily (as in 5 days a week) and TWO shows that are on weekly. I occasionally watch stuff on Netflix (most recently the Firefly series, which I really enjoyed), but nuTrek isn't available on the Canadian version of Netflix.

Therefore, you need to re-read my first post above (this time, while switching on your "reading comprehension"). I SAID I was going to watch this movie. But I will watch it at MY convenience, NOT yours.
FKnight appears to have understood perfectly well what you wrote (note the bits I've placed in bold above). The "reading comprehension" dig is more problematic, as it's a well-known way of trying to stay under the radar while calling someone stupid.

That won't fly here. Please don't repeat it.
I stated I intended to watch the movie. FKnight contradicted that statement, saying I was refusing to watch it.

If his problem was that I refused to watch it at a time of his choosing, he should have said so, rather than claiming that I said I wasn't going to watch it at all.
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