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Well Spoken Star Trek

I was just watching "The Changeling," and was struck by the scene where Spock mind melds with Nomad, speaking mechanically with a somber double bass or cello accompaniment.

It occurred to me suddenly, after years of seeing the episode and never seeing it, that Spock's soliloquy was just like one of those beatnik poetry recitations in a nightclub, where a guy in a black turtleneck sweater and beret, with dark circular sunglasses, would chant a solemn existentialist poem that makes little sense but sounds "deep."

I really think you could perform Spock's Nomad mind meld word for word in a beatnik/hipster nightclub, with a cellist or double bassist playing Spock's somber theme behind you, and it would be cheered as brilliant.

Another poetic moment in Star Trek is found in "Where No Man..."

Remember those rodent things on Dimarus,
The poisoned darts they threw?
I took one meant for you.
And almost died. I remember.

That doesn't happen by accident.
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