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I don't really my the continuity problems from 'Regeneration'. Mostly because I consider the ENT timeline to be an AU created from the effects of FC. Time travel was used to rewrite established history. Similar to what we see in ST09 with Nero and Spock.
I have no problem with "Regeneration" either, but I have the opposite interpretation: ENT is not an alternate timeline, and this episode simply established a closed time loop. The reason the Borg cube in "Q Who" was already headed in the general direction of Earth? They picked up the signal which the "Regeneration" Borg sent.
I agree. I use an expanded version of this idea eactly in my novelization of "The Best of Both Worlds" (Link in my signature!) The Borg pick up the signal and send two Cubes, one about a decade behind the first.

The first Cube is the one the Hansens follow and eventually get assimilated. The second one destroys the Fed and Rom outposts in The Neutral Zone, but then heads back towards Borg Space, not finding Humans or Romulans any different to what can be found closer to home. But on the way back, it encounters the Enterprise in J-25, and the Queen, wanting to know how Humans developed this technology that allowed them to escape so easily in that episode, sends the Cube back to Earth for The Best of Both Worlds.
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