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Re: The "Keiko situation" (Rascals)

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I think you had child brides in ancient times--but they were actually in waiting--arrainged pre-planned things...
Read a newspaper lately? There are child brides in the Middle East. The most recent example I can think of is a 10-year-old who died when her much-older bridegroom decided he couldn't wait 8 or 10 years to consummate the marriage. She was so badly injured, it killed her.

Also, there are a couple of Mormon offshoot groups who regularly traffick in child brides. They take young girls across the Canada/US border, and when the Canadian authorities try to stop it, the leaders of these groups wail about "freedom of religion". Apparently freedom of religion trumps minor things like age of consent, statutory rape, etc.

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I don't think I even understand this thread.

It's been a couple decades since I saw the episode, but I don't remember sex even having anything to do with this scene. As I recall, the scene was simply Miles being uncomfortable showing affection to Keiko, prompting the two to wonder if their relationship could transcend Keiko's physical transformation. Molly didn't recognize Keiko as her mother and Miles had a hard time seeing her as his wife. I don't think either Miles or Keiko were worried about "getting off." That wasn't the issue, it was how they were going to preserve their relationship and their family, or if they were going to have to readjust Keiko's role in the family. There was no dilemma about whether or not they should have sex.
Of course sex was a part of it. Or are you imagining that Miles wasn't in the slightest way wondering what would happen to his sex life if he had to wait for his formerly physically adult wife to grow up all over again? And the Miles O'Brien we knew is an honorable man who would never take advantage of a child - even if the child wanted it. To him, it just wouldn't be the right thing to do. Period. Therefore, he was uncomfortable.

If TNG had been on one of the cable channels where the standards are more relaxed, they could have gone further into this issue with a line or two of dialogue. The regular network standards wouldn't have allowed that, so the audience is left to extrapolate for themselves that Miles was indeed feeling uncomfortable at physically interacting as a husband with a female who was physically a child.
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