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Other than the scene where Uhura was teasing Spock in "The Man Trap", what else was it that made it "obvious" that there was a Spock/Uhura thing going on? It sounds more like a case of fans reading too much into something to validate the pairing in the 2009 film.
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That's it? Now I'm convinced fans are seeing things that aren't there, unless you have info on the writers actually acknowledging that they meant for a Spock/Uhura in TOS. With that, I would concede.

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I take it you guys are unfamiliar with RedLetterMedia.
Everyone who's spent much time in this forum knows about RedLetterMedia. I'm not a fan of the Plinkett shtick, personally, but I will grant that his review of the 2009 movie was actually pretty insightful.

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I was more or less addressing the idea of Spock getting a girlfriend just to make it clear to viewers that there is not gonna be some Kirk/Spock bi-curiosity going around.
I'm not convinced, however, that anyone needed to be disabused of the notion that "Kirk/Spock bi-curiosity" was likely to be turning up in these movies. Everyone who'd have been interested already knows there's fanfic for that.
Neither am I, it was just a throwaway reference to an amusing theory by RLM that others jump at me thinking I meant harm.
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