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Re: Qo'NoS or Kronos????

The native spelling is . However, Humans tend to have trouble writing pIqaD symbols, so they've come up with various romanization systems.

The most widely accepted is that which is used by Marc Okrand, in which the planet's name is spelled Qo'noS (note that this spelling is case-sensitive; it's never spelling Qo'nos or Qo'NoS). It is perhaps etymologically connected to the word qo', which means "world". A common way of referring to the planet is juHqo', meaning "the homeworld".
In The Klingon Dictionary, Okrand uses Kronos when writing in English and Qo'noS when writing in romanized Klingon.

In klingonaase, the planet is called Klinzhai. This is not particularly strange: English-speakers call the Human homeworld Earth (or Terra). German-speakers call it die Erde, French-speakers call it la Terre and Swedish-speakers call it jorden (or, when they're feeling fancy, Tellus). Speakers of Mandarin, Japanese and Korean may all spell its name 地球, but the pronunciation varies from language to language.
Those all mean the same thing in their respective languages, but there are also languages in which the names are completely different. For example, the Navajo name nahasdzŠŠn means "our mother", the Ainu アィヌモシㇼ means "the land of the people", and the Scottish Gaelic cruinne-cŤ means something like "the globe of the world".

Presumably, the Klingon homeworld would have had different names in different languages, and probably a number of variants variants in each language, too.

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