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Even before the reboots, whenever I watched TOS I also thought that Uhura and Spock had more chemistry than Chapel/Spock.
It's amazing how many people have claimed this post-Abrams' Trek.
Are you suggesting that people making these claims haven't actually thought it up before Abrams Trek, but now do just as a way to show support for nuTrek? Totally absurd. In fact, I always thought that Kirk was an insubordinate horny dick that lied about his actions rather than owned them proudly.
If you read the books and the comics...yeah, that's pretty much what he was. The "captain Kirk fucking the alien chick fo the week" trope. Hell it was such a prevalent image of the character, that DC comics did a issue lamp-shading the concept when a young cadet on a training ship gets command after the death of the Captain and ends up nearly gets the crew killed and starts a war with the Romulans cause he was trying to be like Captain Kirk.

What Kirk is in the new movies is what the image of Kirk has been for years. Teenage Kirk from ST09 is pretty much drawn beat for beat from "Best Destiny" (a follow up to TUC and prequel to TOS at the same time). A book where, even with George Kirk around, Jim is a genius level repeat juvenile offender in and out of trouble with the law; making George desperate enough to call up Captain April to take Kirk on a ride-along mission aboard the Enterprise to try to straighten the boy out.

Killing Time: Another time travel story. In that book, Kirk is a genius level, repeat offender and drug abuser, ensign assigned to the ship Spock commands.

The reboots didn't make this personality out of vapor, it was always the image of who and what Kirk was.

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You lose your bet then. I actually forgot of Quinto's homosexuality when I threw in that term. I was more or less addressing the idea of Spock getting a girlfriend just to make it clear to viewers that there is not gonna be some Kirk/Spock bi-curiosity going around. Heck, IIRC, Quinto didn't even come out until well after the 2009 film was released.
Yep sure...yep...I'll buy that for a dollar.
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