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Re: My Greivences of Nutrek. What makes me a hater...

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Dunno about you, but the filmmakers seem to have a whole different idea of what warp speed is. It more or less resembles the Star Wars lightspeed where in that universe characters could easily escape their own galaxy. Having the Enterprise go from Kronos to Earth in a matter of seconds is some pretty serious speed right there. The odd thing is that they didn't intentionally go out of warp, they were broken out of it by the Vengeance firing at them. So they were gonna go further? Doesn't make much sense there.

The only time Trek ever showed starships going at such great speeds were in certain circumstances like with Nomad, the Kelvans, the Traveler, The Caretaker, slipstream drive, ect.
Star Trek V: Neutral Zone to the galactic center in less than a day. Star Trek VI: Earth to the Neutral Zone in a few hours. Enterprise: Earth to Qo'nos in four days, despite being older and slower engines.

The only constant speed in ST is the speed of plot.
Except the two cases of STAR TREK V and ENT (which were crap) have always been criticized as being off. Just because they made those errors doesn't mean you should keep fucking up. I'm sure the writers didn't care for the logic in it though especially in STID, because what mattered to them was having the Vengeance crash in San Fransisco rather than some other world. As for TUC, didn't they leave that ambiguous on how long it took to rendezvous? At least there was clearly a passage of time.

My point is, the filmmakers should at least try to be consistent about how basic functions work in the ST universe. Having them intentionally break it, just because others either fucked up or intentionally broke it, doesn't mean it's totally okay to be inconsistent from then on. That's where I stand.
Reboot: Means all it has to be in consistent within it's version of events. As such, STID is consistent with the tech shown in ST09.

They don't have match 1:1 all the inconsistent technical and minutia details from the prior Treks. It's a new universe, with its on set of rules.
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