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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

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2. Dilithium (used in the "Dilithium Crystal Converter Assembly) is a highly efficient way of converting massive amounts of energy in the form of radiation into electrical energy.
That's one explanation, but it could also be an amplifier of energy (that's what TAS and TNG suggested).
Yeah. I was long trying to sort out how all that works and how to make sense of the design and technology of the TOS Enterprise, and a kind of big picture started to form (with much input from several threads on this board) around the assumption that dilithium is an energy converter.
I wonder how the amplifier-explaination could be worked out.

In TNG, the DCCA would simply be incorporated into the reaction chamber where it would be directly at the "source". I don't really know how the electricity it generates would flow (there had to be some kind of barrier to have an electric potential I think) but the plasma conduits would transport the energy to the main EPS taps where it is diverted to the EPS system.

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3. The "Dilithium Crystal Converter Assembly" is the so-called "main energizer", with auxillary (non-dilithium) energizers for example being used for the impulse reactors.
About that I'm not that certain. It's correct that the room added in TWOK apparently holds the DCCA which Spock repairs but the "main energizer" could be the entire surroundings of the room (the TWOK version of the TOS "cathdral") where the DCCA (now) just happens to be in the same room.
Oh, my fault, of course the DCCA is only part of it. What I really meant was that the DCCA is the distinguishing part between all the energizer systems, it is what makes the one in the engineering hull the main energizer.

This dialogue from "The Doomsday Machine" clearly indicates, IMHO, there is more than one "main energizer" aboard the TOS Enterprise and these are located on Deck 7.
That would then be the energizers of the impulse reactors I would think, but if it is also a "main" one ... hmm.
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