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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

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Here's my theory of warp drive and the reactor configuration in TOS:

1. The Constitution class has 3 reactors, one in each nacelle and one of the same type in the engineering hull.
Yes, that's what TOS obviously suggests for the Enterprise Starship Class, according to the dialogues plus the engineering hull reactor according to "That Which Survives".

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2. Dilithium (used in the "Dilithium Crystal Converter Assembly) is a highly efficient way of converting massive amounts of energy in the form of radiation into electrical energy.
That's one explanation, but it could also be an amplifier of energy (that's what TAS and TNG suggested).

Egger wrote: View Post
3. The "Dilithium Crystal Converter Assembly" is the so-called "main energizer", with auxillary (non-dilithium) energizers for example being used for the impulse reactors.
About that I'm not that certain. It's correct that the room added in TWOK apparently holds the DCCA which Spock repairs but the "main energizer" could be the entire surroundings of the room (the TWOK version of the TOS "cathdral") where the DCCA (now) just happens to be in the same room.

Palmer: (to Spock) Sir, Deck seven reports power failure in main energizers. Implementing emergency procedures. (another hit) Severe casualties reported on decks three and four. Damage control party sealing off inner hull rupture.

This dialogue from "The Doomsday Machine" clearly indicates, IMHO, there is more than one "main energizer" aboard the TOS Enterprise and these are located on Deck 7.

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