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Re: My Greivences of Nutrek. What makes me a hater...

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Do you have the same complaint about the older movies and episodes that feature that same tech? In terms of tech, there's nothing in STID that hasn't been in Trek before.
Dunno about you, but the filmmakers seem to have a whole different idea of what warp speed is. It more or less resembles the Star Wars lightspeed where in that universe characters could easily escape their own galaxy. Having the Enterprise go from Kronos to Earth in a matter of seconds is some pretty serious speed right there. The odd thing is that they didn't intentionally go out of warp, they were broken out of it by the Vengeance firing at them. So they were gonna go further? Doesn't make much sense there.

The only time Trek ever showed starships going at such great speeds were in certain circumstances like with Nomad, the Kelvans, the Traveler, The Caretaker, slipstream drive, ect.
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