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Re: Reign - The CW

Well, I liked it.

This is the CW, home of bubblegum. Take a chill pill. For the CW this was fantastically removed for their usual fair, and I actually liked the alt-rock music TELLING ME HOW TO FEEL.

Who would have thought that Anne of Green Gables would grow up to such a bitch?

There's a new Britcom called London Irish, about some Drunken Irish morons living in London.

"Where did you go for the last 4 days when you were supposed to be getting us fish and chips?"

"That place."

"That place?"

"Yeah, that place."

"What place?"

"That place that's almost exactly the same as Ireland except that it's entirely different and crap."

"Oh, Scotland?"

"Yeah, Scotland. I went to Scotland for the weekend and got married."
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