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Re: The MIchael J. Fox Show

The theory exists, I assumed from my tone through out this thread that my subtext was obvious that this theory was bullshit.

I remember at the age of 6, being angry when Bo and Luke Duke came back, because Coy and Vance Duke were really getting into their stride.

Lets see your list.

"Hank," - Bailed after one episode.

"Back to You" - They tell me that this was too top heavy, it cost too much to make for the ratings it was getting.

"Go on," - This one I liked.

"Mr Sunshine" - Construction wise it was a mess. They did not know what story they wanted to tell, but there were some nice episodes.

the Michael Richards Show - Never saw.

Bob Patterson - My eyes glazed over. Instinct took charge and I changed the channel. I think it was becuase he was fat. It just looked wrong. Almost like he hulked out. These days not only is he back to Seinfeld weight, but he has hair.

"Watching Ellie" - I think I liked this. It always ended with a musical number.
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