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I'm curious about something in this movie. Jeff Daniels' character is from the future time period that Bruce Willis comes from. There's some young gunslinger punk named Kid Blue or something, who Daniels not only seems to despise, but also bears a stark resemblance to a young Jeff Daniels, who also appears to be a similar age to Gordon-Levitt, just as Willis is close in age to Daniels.

Nothing was made of it in the story, but am I the only one who thinks there was the intention for them to be the same person, and it got cut? Seems fair to assume that if you went to the past to be a crime boss, you'd want to keep your younger self close, to keep control over him. It would also explain why he hammers the kid's hand instead of doing permanent damage

It's a popular theory and I can go with it, it doesn't -as I recall- contradict anything in the movie. Haven't heard if the movie-creators have ever spoken on the theory one way or another.
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