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Re: Episode of the Week: 3x16 "The Offspring"

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To each their own but you're reaching a little bit on the "women in refrigerators" analogy.
The whole general consensus regarding women in refrigerators is that you kill a female character off for the benefit of the male character, and that is exactly what happened here. The reason why I have such strong feelings when it comes to this trope is that even in Season 3, TNG is still not a female friendly show. The only two main female characters are still labeled as the on and off love interest to the two main male characters, and the other female character that had a position on the bridge who wasn't romantically attached to a male character was killed off.... twice.

Speaking of Tasha,
Data: My thoughts are not for Tasha, but for myself. I keep thinking how empty it will feel without her presence. Did I miss the point?
Picard: No, you didn't, Data. You got it.
Lal's death is actually the second time a female character was killed off and Data got to grow because of it, so this trope is already a reoccurring theme. And if you think it gets better as the series goes on, you haven't been paying attention.
I still think you're reaching. The convention is often to have an opposite sex child when telling these stories. Troi had Ian in her "alien rape child" story and Seven had a male uber-Borg in a very similar story to The Offspring in VOY (offspring exceeds parent, then dies teaching them a valuable lesson).
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