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Re: My Greivences of Nutrek. What makes me a hater...

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It's a valid opinion if I see a picture of an actress in her underwear (apparently that's Carol Marcus?) and my first reaction is that she needs to eat a sandwich (seriously, she looks like a toothpick).
Are Americans now so use to only seeing other fat Americans (yes, I'm a fat American) that we no longer know what a healthy body looks like?
Fellow Fat-American, and gotta agree with you on that one. There's nothing unhealthy or anorexic looking about Alice Eve. The comment strikes me as being strictly mean spirited and offensive.

Edit To Add: Just so people don't think I'm a JJ cheerleader or cause this is over STID, the reason comments like that are offensive to me is 1) I was a healthy weight when I was younger and heard that "eat a sandwich" / "put some meat on them bones" bullshit nearly daily; I was healthy just not what was "normal". Now that I've overweight, I get the "put the sandwich down" and "Push away from the table" shit from the same people that bitched about my weight when I was a healthy weight 2) My youngest is a healthy, average weight, already at 4 years old we're getting this bullshit from people about him needing to put on more weight to be "normal sized". Whether you think it's a joke or not, it's fucking cruel to say to or about someone, IMO.
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