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Re: Starfleet is the U.S. Coast Guard

(TNG) Nth Degree - The Cytherians – “Emotive electrochemical stimulus response with a cranial plate, bi-pedal locomotion, endoskeleton and contiguous external integument”

(nodding his floaty head and grinning) “A hierarchical collective command structure.”

Military or Civilian sectors all operate hierarchical collectives too, in a sense they all wield their own weapons.

The capacity to grow beyond the collective is I think what Starfleet is really all about, finding new life and new civilisations is the first step the Traveller recognised in Wesley his ability to ascend to a new plain of existence where thought and energy combine. Definition of a Q?

That’s where I want to be tbh, carried there by a hierarchical collective command structure or not.
Make it so.
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