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Kira Authority

When it comes to her authority over Starfleet personnel, how long is Kira's reach?

Kira gives legal orders and instructions to Starfleet officers and enlisted on DS9 and aboard the Defiant. I figure that there is some form of "status of forces" agreement between the federation and Bajor. But does that agreement have limits.

But if Kira were to be aboard a Starfleet vessel other than the Defiant, could she give an order to say an low level enlisted member of Starfleet, and have be obeyed? Not a request, but an order.

If a modern day naval officer from India, gave a order to a US Navy seaman, the seaman would not carry out that order, and actually could be charged with a legal offense if he did.

So, beyond certain areas (DS9 and the Defiant) is Major/Colonel Kira essentially powerless?

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