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Re: United Trek Story Archive

Tales of the USS Bluefin
by The Lone Redshirt

Captain Joseph Akinola is a veteran mustang officer in Starfleet's Border Service and the master and commander of the border cutter Bluefin. He and his crew do their part to keep the Federation's borders secure. Set pre-dominantly post Dominion War and available as PDF downloads.

- Semper Paratus (nt)
- Storms and Shadows (na)
- Cascade Effect (nt)
- Through a Glass, Darkly (nt)
- Fatal Distraction (nt)
- Crossroads (na)
- The More Things Change (n)
- Stand-Off! (na)
- Ghost in the Machine (n)
- Aftermath (ss)
- This Ainít Hell, But Ö (ss)
- Right Place, Wrong Time (na)
- The Blood Pit (ss)
- Vendetta (ss)
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Now with a complete United Trek story archive.
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