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Re: Regarding Recent Star Trek Video Game....

Well xbox had this on sale last week for 7:50 and 65p for the pre-order stuff, so i gave them my money and prepared to boldy go where i have went before, but not for a few years.

So is it worth even 8, no, it's not even worth 8 in my opinion, it's simply a very very very mediocre poorly implimented FPS that i doubt anybody would have touched had it not had a franchise named stamped onto it, and apart from the voice work and a small tiny portion of the Enterprise you have seen on the screen, it really has nothing else to do with Star Trek, the gorn are more like the raptors from jurassic park, with guns, than gorn from the Trek universe, the controls are simply terrible and clunky, if you play this on single player be ready for the AI to just stop working and bring your level to a grinding halt.

Now a special mention has to go to the graphics in this game, they are just terrible, i mean truly terrible, i have no idea why they are so bad, and this is a strange game graphics wise, the in-game graphice look about 10 years old, they would not look out of place in a PS2 FPS, yet some of the cut movies look like they could have came from industrial light and magic, it's very strange to say the least, and anybody with a 3DTV don't bother running this game in 3D, as we all know to get 3D these games half the resolution, so you can imagine just how bad this game looks in 3D with the already poor graphics dropping down even more.

I mean what is it with Star Trek games, why can't somebody make a decent one, we know they can, we had a entire deecade and a bit of great Star trek games from the early 90's till the early 2000's, so what happened, i mean this game makes Star Trek legacy look impressive, how did they manage to do that. lol

What a total waste of the voice acting in this game.

So to sum up, another one for the "Towed away AS garbage" award.

Oh well, fingers crossed for next one.

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