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Re: What Are You Wearing?

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I'm having a lazy fashion day: jeans and a sweater.

you know, there's like a lot of people here who are 5'3, including me
I know all about the size problem, but I mainly solve it by going to south European countries while on vacation. Most Italian, Spanish, French and Turkish brands look good on me and are way cheaper in the country of origin. When I'm in the US I always go to get some jeans, when I buy them here, they're too long and I have to shorten them. (Damn those tall Dutch people!)
My parents are from the Netherlands, and I'm 5' 2". My mom was 5', and pretty much everyone on her side of the family is short. Whenever I visit the Old Country I feel even shorter!

While short length trousers are usually the right length for me, where I run into problems is tops and dresses. I'm obese and, shall we say, well endowed. Petite sized tops are always too tight as their cut doesn't allow for extra curves even if they're supposedly in my size, and the regular-sized ones tend to show too much cleavage as they hang low on me. This is why I have an impressive collection of slips and vests. I much prefer v-necked tops as they suit my body type, but without further cover I feel much too exposed. And cold.
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