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Re: 50th Is "The Day Of The Doctor" (And Is 75 Minutes)

JoeZhang wrote: View Post

What I've spotted (in sort of order):

9/10's sonic
11's fez
Em..twisty smiling head thing from that episode when britain was a spaceship in future
Doctor's pocket watch
Tardis Key (to left of first doctor)
Two (?) Sonic
Three''s (?) sonic
NO MORE sprayed on object (?????)
Dalek space-ship over london
80s Cyberman
Female in red jacket with back to us (Rose?)
The Spider Queen of Metebelis Three
Red LED with 17 1623 ?? (not sure of last two digits

I can also add, Fives brainy specs floating behind Eleven near the end along with several loose segments of the Key to Time.

Can anyone ID the gold object in the lower left corner? I thought it was a Sycorax mask, but theres not enough detail.

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