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Re: The Continuity and Serialization of Voyager

HUnters = B'Elanna finds out that all her friends are dead.

Extreme Risk = B'Elanna stops trying to commit suicide by holodeck every night after every adventure between Hunters and this.

#415 Hunters (The big news)
#416 Prey
#417 Retrospects
#418 The Killing Game (A month having sex with a holographic Nazi.)
#419 Vis a Vis (Holier than though about how she's saner than depressed Tom Paris.)
#420 The Omega Directive
#421 Unforgettable (Brain wiped by Virginia Madison.)
#422 Living Witness
#423 Demon (Copied and massreplicated by aliens. many of these copies may never have gotten help and killed themselves.)
#424 One
#425 Hope and Fear
#501 Night (Janeway, utterly insane, rocking in her quarters, humming to her self for 3 months. What a prime example of mental health for B'Elanna to follow.)
#502 Drone
#503 Extreme Risk (Gets help for her deathwish)
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