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Re: Peter David comic book story

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I guess it just seems like all you ever hear about Richard Arnold is horror stories about how much of a nightmare he was to deal with
As I said, mostly these details are confidential. I recall fans trying to get info out of Marco Palmieri when Pocket turned down AC Crispin's long-delayed, third Zar novel, the first of a new trilogy. Certain fans had been beta readers, emails and PMs were flying thick and fast, Ms Crispin was disappointed, but the decisions for not publishing weren't for public consumption. And this was long after RA left Paramount.

Some would call the shelving of four novel sequels to the 2009 movie - all bought and paid for - "a horror story" x 4. But again, details are scant.

and you don't seem to hear stuff like that about anybody else since he left.
I dunno, people say some awful stuff about JJ, Orci & Kurtzman, Berman & Braga...
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