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Re: American Horror Story - Coven

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Yeah, I believe that's Misty Day, right?
Well, she looks the same, has the same powers and Zoe flat out says "You are Misty Day!" after she reveals she was burned alive.

I loved the second episode but I really can't stand looking at Gabourey Sidibe, it makes me uncomfortable. She's so unbelievably fat, she could easily die before she's 40 if she doesn't lose weight.

Kathy Bates' and Angela Basset's characters are both awesome and I can't decide who's worse.

Zoe is a moron, the police shows up and she starts screaming "We're all witches!!!" after five seconds? If she turns out to be the next sovereign witchkind is screwed.
Yeah, that was my one issue. I know she was freaked out, but could you possibly be any more stupid?
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