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Re: Was the Star Trek 4 Ent-A bridge a redress of the Excelsior bridge

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Looking at the picture and I can't quite tell. It looks like the "buttons" might just be drawn on the plexiglass. Then again, they might be real.

Going OT, or maybe back On Topic, if the TVH set survived and was able to be reused for TFF, do you think it would have been retrofitted back with standard CRTs? .
Yeah, in fact I think it was budgeted that way all along. They bought x-number of Proton monitors for TFF, and it wasn't anywhere near enough to fill all the screens for the new bridge they wound up building, hence all the polarmotion gags and the okudagrams to fill out the non-monitors screens. Though why the monitors used from TWOK onward were gone, or where they went, who knows? They didn't wind up on TV trek productions, because CRTs didn't show up in ModernTrek till DS9.

The Burbank Studios 24 frame video interlock that was pricey and used on TWOK and SFS was presumably kept for use on TFF, and it may have been for TUC also. Associate Producer Brooke Breton oversaw the playback on TUC (and various post vfx for first season TNG) and there was definitely 24 frame playback, which they somehow synchronized with the 35mm main viewscreen RP.
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