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Re: Peter David comic book story

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Sure, but these days the issues don't seem to be as severe. We don't hear as many horror stories about the people overlooking the books today as we seem to hear about Arnold.
But communication lines are totally different now and, for the most part, we never hear the juicy gossip about why proposals and manuscripts had to be overhauled, because these are matters usually kept confidential. It was many, many years before JM Dillard told fans what happened with "The Lost Years" saga.

Several authors (or friends of authors) took to printing the Star Trek Office's memos on Usenet and GEnie (I recall much outrage by fans on behalf of Jean Lorrah and AC Crispin and Brad Ferguson). Up until then, it was only fan guesswork and vague mentions in "Starlog" and "Locus" as to why books such as "Mr Spock's Guide to the Planet Vulcan" and "The War Virus" never made it into print. Suddenly, the authors were taking to the new mass communication media (electronic bulletin boards) of the day to complain.

PAD, among others, went to press over their problems. PAD vs RA anecdotes appeared regularly in PAD's column, "But I Digress...", in a comics newspaper. And reprinted in a trade paperback omnibus.

Majel Barrett went public about two attempts by Pocket to get "The God-Thing" up to scratch.

People also asked RA specific questions at conventions, and mostly his answers didn't name names, just general comments about things he had to read, things he had corrected, and why GR felt a fierce need to protect his creation. But it doesn't take too much digging to realise when someone is referring to "Q in Law".

I know there were some problems with Indistinguishable from Magic, but even those problems didn't seem to be as major as what happened when Arnold was around.
Sure, but CBS Consumer Products don't usually tell us what changes they insisted upon. Not in Paula Block's day either. (We used to get juicy gossip from John Ordover and Marco Palmieri while at Pocket, but it always seemed quite carefully measured.) And we never hear from Ed at Pocket/Gallery.

But that doesn't mean all is harmonious in the creative world. It just doesn't pay, in the long run, to get angry in public. Proposals still get rejected. Books still get modified or cancelled or delayed. Deadlines still get broken.
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