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Re: Thoughts on Season 5

^ yes! "My god" certainly seemed out of place there, and the actor was not that great so it came off as a laughable moment.

"Thirty Days" appealed to me because, well, Paris is my favorite VOY character I think, and I enjoyed the bit of alien sea exploration. It was fun, wish there was more. And I liked that he was demoted and thrown in the brig, plus the letter to his dad. Great stuff for his character. Would have been cool to have John Debney (sea quest) to score this one!

"Counterpoint" - I just enjoyed seeing Janeway getting a little romance, even if it was all a big chess game.

"Latent Image" - I like the way this started. I thought his deleted memories would eventually reveal that the doc was in love with the ensign who died, but that's not what happened at all. Maybe it would have been more dramatic if the other patient who ended up dying was that little girl (neelix's goddaughter)? I dunno. Great performance as always though by Picardo.

"Bride of Chaotica" was just a fun one. Loved it. These fun episodes are nice once in a blue moon.

"Gravity" - wow. For me, this was one of the better episodes. I loved putting Paris, Tuvok and the doc together. Too bad they didn't do more with Tuvok and Paris prior to this. They are such opposites and have a much more appealing "odd couple" chemistry than Tuvok and Neelix, whose scenes together just come off as annoying mostly. I loved the Tuvok flashback scenes, especially the last one. And the guest actress who fell in love with him did a great job. I believed her, and I felt Tuvok's regret over it. The music for this episode was especially good. I'd love to see the score for this one released in a CD collection.
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