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Re: Peter David comic book story

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I can understand wanting to protect franchise the franchise, but it seems to me that the issues came about when his ideas of what the franchise are/were conflicted with other peoples ideas.
Isn't that the only time "issues" are raised? The writers were employed to write good stories, Richard read the manuscripts to make sure they fitted with GR's ideals and didn't clash with canonical facts, and Paramount/Viacom read the manuscripts to ensure the reflected the paramters of the licensing deal. Somewhere in there, issues will be raised, no matter who's doing the jobs.
Sure, but these days the issues don't seem to be as severe. We don't hear as many horror stories about the people overlooking the books today as we seem to hear about Arnold. I know there were some problems with Indistinguishable from Magic, but even those problems didn't seem to be as major as what happened when Arnold was around.
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