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Re: My Greivences of Nutrek. What makes me a hater...

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Timewalker wrote:
If the new stuff that calls itself Star Trek were actually like Star Trek and wasn't so dumbed-down, I'd consider it more real. When they improve sufficiently, I'll cease to consider it "not-real".
But how will you even know?

Timewalker wrote:
I haven't seen it yet
I am basing my comments on the fact that I saw the 2009 movie and hated it. I've seen a freight train load of spoilers concerning STID, and absolutely none of it has given me cause to think this movie might be any better. I do plan to watch it and decide for sure.

If I feel it's not dumbed-down crap, if the story makes sense, if the characters (and acting) are better than last time, it will have improved. Maybe some day it'll improve enough that I'll stop complaining about it.
It doesn't matter how much you've read about it, you've got to see it yourself to judge or its not your opinion.

I'm being forced to watch FF6 (1/3 so far) and its turning out as I expected but I can't really comment until I see the whole thing.
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