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Re: New Star Wars animated show "Rebels" coming fall 2014

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For the record, by my count Leia gets rescued a grand total of ONCE in the whole trilogy (well twice if you count that bit with Lando, which I don't) and even then she's the one that rescues them from their botched attempt and makes an escape route. Incidentally once is the same number of times both Han and Luke get rescued.

As for her arse kicking credentials, remember that the first time we see her she shoots a stormtrooper right between the eyes, back talks both Vader and Tarkin and even tries to bluff them into attacking an empty base. That alone takes stones.

Admittedly she has less to do in tESB, but in RotJ she pulls a double bluff to successfully infiltrate Jabba's court then strangles the bugger with her bare hands. Gets into a high speed speederbike chase, fights her way out of an Imperial ambush, gets shot and yet is still able to nail two troopers between the eyes and come back with a sarcastic quip...bringing things full circle you might say.
Moreover when she's shot Leia's the one that remains calm, cool, and in control, while Han is the one freaking out and losing it. Leia's far more than a helpless princess throughout the trilogy.

Also, this is a show that Greg Weisman's working on - the idea his female characters are going to be weaker and only there for the men is... frankly hilarious. I'd be happy to see teenage Leia and/or young Han, though frankly I'd hope the focus is on some original characters. Mon Mothma or Bail Organa would be nice in a similar role to the Justice League on Young Justice, too.
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