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Re: Khan - New IDW mini series - SPOILERS!!!!!

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What reason did they give for Pine and Shatner looking different?
They never gave a reason. They just show Nero going through a database and there's a picture of Shatner's Kirk.
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I'm interested in this. I did a Google search and read some reviews, but they said nothing about this.

What reason did they give for Pine and Shatner looking different?
There is no explanation, nor was there meant to be. The issue used Shatner's likeness because they wanted readers to recognize visually that it was meant to be Kirk, and the movie hadn't come out yet so Pine's face wouldn't have been as effective a visual shorthand.

And in the movie, Spock Prime recognized the young Kirk on sight. In story, they do look the same, regardless of the actors' appearance. The difference in how Kirk was drawn in the different comics is no more a real in-story difference than, say, the difference between Steve Ditko's Peter Parker and Humberto Ramos's Peter Parker.
Thanks, Bill and Christopher. I had misunderstood the post I quoted, thinking that they had actually provided a reason, which I would find strange.

Although, on a related note, IDW does acknowledge the difference in appearances in the MU story. At the beginning (set in the regular Abramsverse) Scotty and Dr McCoy are discussing alternate universes, they are shadowed by their Prime Universe counterparts, drawn in the likeness of Doohan and Kelley.

I've actually come up with my own theory (as a joke, not a serious suggestion) that there's something in Vulcan and Romulan biology that when see someone in different universe they can recognize them, but someone of a different species can not. Explaining why Spock can recognize Kirk and Scotty and Nero can recognize Kirk. But were a human or other race from the Prime Universe were to visit the Abramsverse, they wouldn't recognize anyone.
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