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Re: Trek guest actors in maybe surprising roles

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And Kenneth Washington is also the guy who replaced Ivan Dixon as the token African American radio genius on Hogans Heroes for its last season or so..
It's weird, seeing as how I watched both shows in my youth, but never connected his face.

Now, more Adam-12 familiarities...

Not to mention, of all shows, Green Acres!

1. Liam Sullivan

2 ??

3 ???

4. Technically, Bill Boyett was in TNG

5 - ok - got me there - he was a real scuzz in that episode

Stanley Adams was in an A12...also a Dragnet

And speaking of Hogans and A12, there is an A12 where Larry 'Sergeant Carter' Hovis plays a press agent of a starlet, who has her posing nude on a beach - HOPING the cops get called. A12 was a pretty good show, but the first couple of seasons when Webb and partner/show creator RA Cinader were in charge, are almost unbelievably stiff. Plus Universal cheaped it out, and outside of stock road shots, it was filmed almost entirely on the already overused Universal backlot - every other call is either to the Leave it to Beaver house, or the Munsters house! Once Webb and Cinader took off their paws, it got a chance to loosen up a little, and Universal opened up the purse strings to let them film on location more and more. It got REAL good when they first got Stephan J Cannell to write a show, then made him story editor. (It was SJC's first TV job!) He was the one to inject some real odd situations that cops actually face - his first show ever had them stopping a guy who had a street legal tank!
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