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Re: Latest acquisition!

Found this at Goodwill the other night and am still super excited about it:

It's a computer game! That's a 5.25" floppy disk! Copyright 1985. "Requires an Apple II+, IIe, or IIc with 64K RAM and one disk drive. Uses DOS 3.3." Original price: $39.95. Aside from a couple marks from a black marker over the ISBN & UPC numbers on the back (wondering why? why not mark thru the UPC? anyway...), it's in great condition. Doesn't look like it was even opened. Unfortunately, one of the manuals that is in a plastic pocket inside seems to have fused to the plastic. Much as I want to examine it, I'm afraid of damaging it trying to get it out.

In fact, I KNOW it's never been played, because on closer examination, the plastic pocket holding the disk would have had to be cut to get the disk out. No way I'm breaking that seal now! LOL
I mean, seriously! SO SHINY!!!
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