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Re: A question for people smarter then I.

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. . .blah bla-blah. . .2 years old. blah. . .
Does anybody remember anything from when they were two years old? I certainly don't.
There was another incident I do remember. I was sitting on the front steps of our house, playing with a cap pistol. A neighbor kid demanded I give it to him and I refused. He kept threatening me. I said, "Well take it then!" and threw it at him. My aim must have been pretty good, because it hit him in the face and bloodied his nose. His mom came over screaming at my mom about it. I remember hiding under the table with the dog, thinking they couldn't see me.

My mom recorded the event in my baby book, and I wasn't yet 3. I even remember the kid's first and last names. I'm not going to mention it though, because you might be him.

Since the earlier event I mentioned involved electricity, maybe I performed a self lobotomy.
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