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Re: The "Keiko situation" (Rascals)


Now Colm's character Durant in Hell on Wheels wouldn't have cared--or at least some of the folks then.

I think you had child brides in ancient times--but they were actually in waiting--arrainged pre-planned things...

Then too a hundred years ago, people married young because they died young. I heard it said that the woman in one of the more famous dust-bowl photographs was actually only in her 20's. And there was that Couples therapy woman who was a teen bridge who actually looked in her 30's

I still think of myself as a teenager--and yet there are folks who look older than me who are a decade younger. Hormones in milk I guess.

Something that might even be stranger than the situation in question here is this. I think one of our Presidents offered a pension not just for Civil War vets but their spouses. Now some of you have heard of the tale of the worlds oldest living confederate widow.

No, they don't remember the civil war, they were just forced by their poor parents (or starvation) to marry some old creep for survival. The groom would do the bride the very great favor of dying--although there have been tales of the girls then having consorts more there own age--in case the wedding was just for title.

If not the girl would have children early in life, and when they grew up, she could be independantly wealthy, one way or the other.

I'm thinking that the suffragettes we all imagine to be wearing big dresses and driving the old phone booth type electric cars were the result of such odd pairings--and their disgust actually helped Womens Rights. Only with that pension and the death of overbearing husbands could independant action exist...go figure.

Now I seem to remember a C-SPAN author, a woman who talked about a native american nation that encouraged mediocrity. If you loved a violin too much, you were to smash it. They had an odd habit of keeping young folks of different genders apart. You don't need a youth culture to detach and form--or you get unwanted pregnancies. Thier solution--of all things, was for the of each young man to be with a much much older woman and vice versa.

Now all of us grew up in the post Lewis Carrol days with extended childhoods. Now, you have to graduate college and be in mid to late 20s before you are a real person--also un-natural with respect to biology. In the middle ages, children were painted as little adults--maybe this is what the Governor meant by "Men and Woeman" in THE WALKING DEAD.

Let's hope it doesn't get back to that.
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