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Re: So what's with all the Archer hate?

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I'm with you completely on this. As a guy who saw much of TOS as a young adult in '66 - '69, I'm not a Trek newbie by any stretch. ENT is my second favorite series, just a smidge behind TNG. I'm just starting my second trip through the ENT DVDs (no Bluray yet) and enjoying it all over again.
I'm going to wait for the price to come down to purchase the Blurays. I seem to say the series I'm currently watching is my favorite T'Pol is my favorite character though.

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Season 3 put him in a completely different situation. Arguably more pressure than any other Star Trek Captain has ever faced. Singularly charged with saving humanity? ... with no help??? I can understand the pressure and how that burden kept pressing and pressing. He didn't need to act like a tough guy to be the tough guy. When he did, it did not resonate well with me.

This is where I'll address Scott's acting a little. From chewing butt in his Cabin, to the mirror universe, etc.... he does not do "mad" or "angry" very well. I don't think it's in him. I can understand the story put the character in situations where that reaction was appropriate, but he just doesn't play that part very well...
I agree with this. Bakula is a fine actor, but his range only goes so far when it comes to being angry. He's more convincing when he quietly simmers rather than rants.

Otherwise, I thought the character of Archer was appropriate for ENT and I thought one of his defining moments was in season four's "Home" when he finally faced all that he had been through in first three seasons:

"I lost something out there, and I don't know how to get it back."
--Captain Jonathan Archer

Archer went in as an eager (if not slightly nave) explorer not really knowing what he was in for and, IMO, that was befitting the series. He made mistakes, compromised some of his values, and had to take a long look at himself afterward and reevaluate. I do think that after his "trial by fire" in the first three seasons, Archer was of course a better captain. It could definitely be said that later captains benefited from lessons learned by Archer.
A couple of Archers finest moments for me were his speech in Terra Prime, his little talk with T'Pol about Trip in TATV.

Lot's of good with his character and Scott's acting.

One thing I didn't like was how they kept saying that he and he alone had to start the federation. Let his actions speak for themselves, you don't have to keep shoving it in our faces.
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