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Re: Khan - New IDW mini series - SPOILERS!!!!!

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The Mandarin was a yellow peril villain and most of the stuff I've heard prior to Iron Man 3 was how they couldn't include the guy without be racist to the Chinese.

So I'm not sure its a good idea to include that guy.
The point, though, is about the overall pattern. The individual instances seem to have legitimate justifications -- except for Bay turning Shredder into a white guy, which just seems gratuitous -- but the fact that it's happening so often in such a short span of time is disquieting.

The point is not that there's some simplistic "right" position to take, but that it's a complicated issue that raises a lot of questions, and it's legitimate to consider those questions. We don't have to pretend we have the answers, but the questions are worth asking.

Also again avoiding the issue of Wrath of Khan and its whiter Khan...
I'm not "avoiding" anything, because I'm not trying to dumb this down to a black-and-white position. I'm trying to acknowledge all the issues that come into play. Yes, TWOK ignored the intent behind Khan's ethnicity in "Space Seed," but it also turned all of Khan's multiethnic band into a bunch of blond Nordic types, and that's racially problematical in itself. "Space Seed" took what, for its time, was a bold and subversive stance by portraying a genetically superior breed of human as multiethnic. TWOK, conversely, portrayed them according to the "Aryan" stereotype favored by white supremacists and old-school eugenicists. Now, most likely Meyer's intent was to condemn those eugenicists, since Khan's people were the bad guys, but still, it was employing a stereotype that "Space Seed" challenged. And even aside from those questions, it was simply a problem from a continuity standpoint.

So bringing TWOK into the discussion doesn't resolve it -- it just complicates it further. Absolutely it should be considered, but alongside the other factors, not to their exclusion.
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