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Re: Peter David comic book story

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The strangest thing I ever read was an interview with Arnold for a German non Fiction book for Star Trek's 40th anniversary where he actually is complimentary about Peter David's writing.
That's actually a constant thing going back to the early '90s. Even in the Tim Lynch interview from 1991, Arnold says nice things about PAD's writing. He also says some critical things, saying that he's a good writer but one ill-suited to Star Trek
That is a really stupid thing to say about Peter David. I think PAD is great Star Trek writer (my favorite PAD ST novel is probably The Captain's Daughter, which was just awesome and actually spotlighted Sulu instead of the normal Kirk/Spock/McCoy stuff). Some people can't write some things, but PAD can definately write Star Trek stuff, and do it very, very well. I actually didn't know RA name, but I remember reading one of PAD's old articles he reposted onto his website and him mentioning someone ST novel writers disliked, and I'm assuming it was this guy. Its a good thing this guy didn't get to stay around any longer and do more damage to potential Star Trek novels/tie ins.
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