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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

I saw this quoted on another forum.

Marc Cushman wrote:
"I’ll be the first to admit that Book 1 needed a second proofing, but it was rushed out to be available at the Las Vegas Star Trek convention. Including front and back matter, it is 600 pages, with two more books at about 500 pages each waiting in the wings. That presented an immense challenge for the publisher, who only acquired this property in late February of 2013. To get the first book out in less than six months was an amazing feat. Twelve to eighteen months is the average amount of time taken. Why the hurry? I saw many too people I interviewed, such as Bob Justman, Jerry Finnerman, William Windom and Malachi Throne, never get a chance to see these books realized. I was facing some health issues, as well. So I was determined to push for August. I will let the people who have posted positive comments and are eager to see Book 2 say whether this was a good decision or not. I can tell you that we have received 100% positive notices from professional reviewers, including Geek Magazine, Author Magazine, The New York Post, and Access Hollywood, none of which have yet to mention any blemishes. Nor did Leonard Nimoy when he phoned to say that the research was “astounding.” Harlan Ellison did tease me, however, about Edith Keeler’s last name being misspelled somewhere in the 20 page chapter on “The City on the Edge of Forever.” From what I see, about 5% of the buyer reviews mention typos, but they also state that this hasn't deterred from their enjoyment of the book. Regardless, even 5% bothers me and I have therefore delayed the issuing of Book 2 from mid November until it is scrutinized by three different proofers who are new to this project (all not only qualified but extremely knowledgeable of TOS). We hope to have this second volume out by mid December, which will be late in the holiday shopping season, and that will hurt us (and this will disappoint those who wish they had Book 2 now), but I am determined to make these books as complete as possible … and as error free as possible, too. Just wanted to let you know that I am listening, and do care. Best, Marc Cushman."
I have to say, if the author was simply worried that his interview subjects wouldn't be alive to read his work, why not just send them an early copy?
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