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Re: James Cawley returns to NV as Kirk!

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First off, this thread should not even be here. But, since it is about me I will add my two cents. Me doing this role one more time is about me getting to share some time with some cherished friends and nothing more. There is no drive or competition between myself and anyone else. As to what anyone else is doing with their, time, money and talents, I don't give a s#%T! I have had my fill of this type of thing on Trek boards. Sniping at others for doing something they like to do is just plain RIDICULOUS! AND PEOPLE SHOULD BE ASHAMED.
If it's just for your own enjoyment, why bother releasing it to an audience?
I think I'll quote a Rush song that is apt here.

Well, I know they've always told you
Selfishness was wrong
Yet it was for me, not you, I
Came to write this song

In an art form like this particularly when James and company aren't really allowed to make money off of it. There has to be passion about it to do something like this. These are fan productions. If James wants to play the role more in various ways, let him. Or if he wants to play another role in the fan series he more or less created, who are we to complain? I respect whatever decision James makes in this type of stuff. If he changed his mind, fine, but don't let idiots here dictate that.
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