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Re: Khan - New IDW mini series - SPOILERS!!!!!

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^Split hairs all you want, but it should be self-evident that this issue has created controversy, and has resonated with the larger, disturbing "racebending" controversy in modern movies (in the past year we've not not just Khan, but the Mandarin, Tonto, and Shredder in Michael Bay's upcoming Ninja Turtles movie). So it's naive to claim that there are absolutely no issues here beyond the issues involved in recasting Kirk or Saavik. One can disagree with the objections if one chooses, but it's simply disingenuous to pretend they don't exist at all.
The Mandarin was a yellow peril villain and most of the stuff I've heard prior to Iron Man 3 was how they couldn't include the guy without be racist to the Chinese.

So I'm not sure its a good idea to include that guy.

Also again avoiding the issue of Wrath of Khan and its whiter Khan, which bears repeating since the only people who know this would be white washing are those that watched an obscure tv episode from 1967, while also some how not seeing the more popular 1982 film sequel to said episode where nothing about Khan's ethnicity is mentioned AT ALL Hell Into Darkness only gave his full name and that was for the first time in decades.
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