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Re: What Setting Would You Like For The Next Series?

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I would love to see TOS rebooted on television in a similar manner to how it was done with the rebooted Battlestar Galactica.
Boo of Four wrote: View Post
^ I thought about that too, but if they rebooted it with the new actors, it would have to be in the new timeline, where any episode involving Vulcan would be nixed, and episode involving Spock's mother would be nixed, the Menagerie would be nixed, (one of my favorite episodes), and a lot of the episodes would need a storyline change, to fit the timeline.

It would be sweet if they hadn't messed around with timelines and such, but now it's just not possible...
It would just be a case of having it be the mother of all reboots--wiping away both the prime and Abrams universes as if neither happened and starting over again with a clean slate. It would actually be very easy to do, especially if it looked noticeably different from both (different cast, slightly different uniforms, a different Enterprise NCC-1701, etc.).

I think the age of any Trek continuity lasting more than ten years is pretty much passed. As with the various superhero movie franchises, Star Trek could very well be a property that will be continually reinvented and updated every so often.
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