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Re: The Legend of Korra - Book Two: Spirits

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- Now we know a little more about how bending works. The lion turtles granted the humans an element for a short time, then when they left for good, the humans who were already benders kept their bending but passed them on to their children through their genes (or whatever else gets passed on). This had me thinking about the discussion we had a few weeks ago about whether or not bending could be acquired by non-benders. Could people appeal to the spirits or a spiritual force to get an ability afterall?
This episode settles the matter with a definite 'yes'.
Yes, a non-bender can gain bending by appealing to a lion-turtle and convincing said lion-turtle to give him/her bending.
Indeed, lion-turtles routinely gave bending to non-benders in ancient times; and they did so pretty casually - for a hunting trip or for harvesting fruits.

- We also know a little more about how the avatar works. Wan was successful in appealing to many lion turtles in order to get more elmements. Then he merged with Raava who looks to be serving as a source of power we now know as the avatar spirit. I wonder… Could others do this as well? Could something like this happen again once the spirit door opens? You know, appeal for some bending then get yourself a spirit guide and voila! You're just like the avatar! I'm not ignoring any counterarguments from the discussion we had, I've taken away a lot to think about, but I'm still keeping an open mind about what might be possible. Or at least, could we see a "dark avatar" if someone merges with Vaatu?
Also quite possible.
Presently, Vaatu might be nervous, seeing how a human, helped by a very weak Raava, defeated him 10000 years ago.
He may not look forward to again facing a human helped by a now strong Raava. Not unless he gets his own human empowered with bending of the four elements. And now that the spirit postal is open, humans can meet him in the spirit world.
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