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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

Laverne Cox (Sophia) will be speaking to University of Mass/Amherst students as part of their homecoming celebration.

From the comments section, I hope the "conservative / republican" attendees are more civil in public than they accuse their opponents of being.

Of course, what would really make my day would be to have Laverne "out" herself at the lecture as a card carrying republican.

Natasha already HAS spoken... very briefly, to Jimmy Fallon last July.


And last year she gave an insightful interview. One that was pre-OitNB since its not even mentioned as being on her horizon. "I was definitely as good as dead."

Now its Taryn's turn to make fun out of season 2's OitNB... by introducing us to a "new" character.

I love ^ the character's name!

Natasha needs to learn to smile more,

or Samira will drop her for Danielle in a New York minute.

As that old warhorse, Red, would say...

"set em up Joe."
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